C1 is here!

logo_pluriCon fecha de 26 de junio de 2014 se publica el Decreto 59/2014, de 17 de junio, por el que se establece la organización, el currículo y la prueba de certificación correspomdiente a los cursos especializados para el perfeccionamiento de competencias de nivel C1 de idiomas impartidos en las EEOOII del Principado de Asturias.

El Nivel C1 se corresponde con el nivel C1 del Marco Común Europeo de Referencia para las Lenguas.

Este nivel implica ser capaz de comprender una amplia variedad de textos extensos y con cierto nivel de exigencia, así como reconocer en ellos sentidos implícitos; saber expresarse de forma fluida y espontánea sin muestras muy evidentes de esfuerzo para encontrar la expresión adecuada; poder hacer un uso flexible y efectivo del idioma para fines sociales, académicos y profesionales; poder producir textos claros, bien estructurados y detallados sobre temas de cierta complejidad, mostrando un uso correcto de los mecanismos de organización, articulación y cohesión del texto.

El Nivel C1 tiene una carga lectiva de 120 horas y se imparte en un curso académico.

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Curso 2014/2015: admisión

logo_pluriEl lunes 16 de junio se abre el plazo para solicitar plaza para todas aquellas personas que quieran aprender idiomas en cualquiera de las Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas de Asturias.

Deberán realizar los trámites para ser admitidos las personas que no están estudiando en una EOI, los que cambien de nivel y los que empiecen un idioma nuevo.

Es importante prestar especial atención a los plazos, requisitos y documentación necesaria para realizar los trámites. Toda la información está disponible en Plurilingüe Asturias y en la web de la escuela.


Telling Stories

Version 1:

Once upon a time in the square of a little town there was a one-band man, called Bass, who was playing music. A little girl was approaching the fountain in the middle of the square when Bass noticed she had a gold coin. He started playing louder to call her attention because he wanted her to give him the coin.
On the other side of the square, another one-band man, called Treble, started playing music because he also wanted the gold coin! Both of them started a music competition to get the money.
They fought so violently that the little girl was scared of them and, accidentally, she dropped the coin. As they saw it going down the drain, they felt miserable.
She was really furious and asked them for her money but they were broke.
Then she asked them for a violin and started playing it but she did it awfully. After tuning it she played it wonderfully.
She did it so well that a passer-by gave her a bag full of gold coins! She was going back home when she picked up two coins from the bag and pretended she was giving them to Bass and Treble. They were really happy about it but, unfortunately, she threw them to the top of the fountain and left.
At the end we can see both Bass and Treble trying to get the coins out of the fountain.
Moral: Don’t fight! If you work together, you’ll get better results.

Version 2:

Once upon a time in the square of a little town, there was a one-band man, called Bass, trying to earn money with his music. There was nobody in the square until a little girl turned up. She was walking towards the fountain carrying a gold coin in her hand. Bass noticed it and started playing louder to call her attention.
She approached him and was going to give him her coin when, suddenly, she could hear music coming from the other side of the square. It was Treble, who also wanted to get the gold coin!
Both musicians started a “music battle” to get the money. The little girl was so scared that, accidentally, she dropped the coin and it rolled and rolled until it went down the drain. They felt miserable.
The little girl was really furious and she wanted her money back but both Bass and Treble were broke. Then, she asked them for a violin and started playing it. At first, she did it awfully but she tuned the violin and, surprisingly, she played wonderfully. She did it so well that a passer-by gave her a bag full of gold coins!
As she was leaving, she picked up two coins from the bag and pretended she was going to give them to the musicians. Finally, she threw the coins to the top of the fountain.
The story ends showing Bass and Treble trying to get the coins from the fountain.
MORAL: Don’t fight! If you work together, you’ll get better results.


September resit exams

ExamsMugThe dates for the resit exams in September 2014 have already been set.

Remember you only have to resit those parts in which you got 4 points or less. If you don’t remember you can always check your marks at the school (corridor that leads to the library, on the left)

The resit exams will be on September 1st.

  • Writing: at 10 o´clock, room 1.6
  • Reading Comprehension: at 11 o´clock, room 1.6
  • Listening Comprehension: at 12 o´clock, room 1.6
  • Speaking: Check with your teacher (day, time and room)

You will be told the final results on Wednesday 3rd at 10 o´clock. After that, you can put your name down for the next course. Check dates at the school information desk.

As usual, contact me if you have any doubts.

Summer recommendations

SchoolClosedForTheSummerSummer is round the corner! All of us enjoy summer but sometimes we relax so much that we tend to forget our English. It is really important to keep in touch with English and there are lots of different ways we can do it. Remember that it is essential to listen and read to keep our English up to date.

The following links are just but a few recommendations for you to keep your English alive.

British Council Elementary Podcasts (not always so “elementary”): There are 3 series of podcasts with an average length of 20 minutes. They are really varied and you can download both the audio and the script. There are also online exercises available.

Big city small world: Audio soap opera set in London. A group of young people share their experiences. You can download both the audio file and the script. You can also try the online exercises.

Listen to English: Lots of podcasts with script. Some of them include online exercises. It is difficult not to find something you like.

Welcome to London: BBC World Service Leaning English offers this series of short conversational dialogues. Very useful if you are travelling to London!

6 Minute English: A bit more demanding that the previous ones. It offers lost of audio files which you can download. The script is also available.

News English Lessons: Short audio files (a minute more or less) with script and vocabulary exercises.

ELLA: Several interactive units designed specifically for EOI students. Try the elementary and intermediate ones.

Happy Summer!