September resit exams

ExamsMugThe dates for the resit exams in September 2014 have already been set.

Remember you only have to resit those parts in which you got 4 points or less. If you don’t remember you can always check your marks at the school (corridor that leads to the library, on the left)

The resit exams will be on September 1st.

  • Writing: at 10 o´clock, room 1.6
  • Reading Comprehension: at 11 o´clock, room 1.6
  • Listening Comprehension: at 12 o´clock, room 1.6
  • Speaking: Check with your teacher (day, time and room)

You will be told the final results on Wednesday 3rd at 10 o´clock. After that, you can put your name down for the next course. Check dates at the school information desk.

As usual, contact me if you have any doubts.


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