Summer recommendations

SchoolClosedForTheSummerSummer is round the corner! All of us enjoy summer but sometimes we relax so much that we tend to forget our English. It is really important to keep in touch with English and there are lots of different ways we can do it. Remember that it is essential to listen and read to keep our English up to date.

The following links are just but a few recommendations for you to keep your English alive.

British Council Elementary Podcasts (not always so “elementary”): There are 3 series of podcasts with an average length of 20 minutes. They are really varied and you can download both the audio and the script. There are also online exercises available.

Big city small world: Audio soap opera set in London. A group of young people share their experiences. You can download both the audio file and the script. You can also try the online exercises.

Listen to English: Lots of podcasts with script. Some of them include online exercises. It is difficult not to find something you like.

Welcome to London: BBC World Service Leaning English offers this series of short conversational dialogues. Very useful if you are travelling to London!

6 Minute English: A bit more demanding that the previous ones. It offers lost of audio files which you can download. The script is also available.

News English Lessons: Short audio files (a minute more or less) with script and vocabulary exercises.

ELLA: Several interactive units designed specifically for EOI students. Try the elementary and intermediate ones.

Happy Summer!


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