How to add veggies to your diet

If you want to try again, just click on the picture to do it at your own rhythm and as many times as you need.

Remember that this is a multimedia lesson in which you are given some ideas on how to add vegetables to your meals to have a healthy diet.

The reading section gives you the opportunity to get to know Ronald McDonald and the marketing strategies the company uses.

You can also learn how to write a recipe and show your creativity by explaining how to make your favourite dish.

In the speaking section you can practise a conversation about food and your eating habits. Pay special attention to the vocabulary you need to present your views.

Note: When you click on the link to do the lesson a pop-up window like the one below will come out asking you to allow an applet in you computer. Allow it and you can record yourself and listen again to your speech. You can even keep a copy of it in your computer!

Enjoy it! 😉


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