Recently I spent some time in Comillas and visited “The Capricho” by Gaudi, an original building that literally made me feel  breathless.

Amongst the trees we find a “folly” designed by Gaudi and built for Maximo Diaz de Quijano, brother in-law of the marquess of  “Comillas”.

Its is name “The Capricho”, in it we can find some of the keys of  Gaudi´s style . It is posible that to build The Capricho, Gaudi had been inspired in this expression applied to a musical fragment to make changes of  rhythm, breaking the rules to the point, that some of its lines have surrealist qualities.

This unique and beautiful building is all music, poetry, painting and  architecture. The combination of Spanish and Arabic elements decorate the whole construction.

Gaudi, going against the standards of the time, combine iron structures,with reddish and yellow bricks, and with glazed pottery to achieve a touch of  pure surrealism. Besides the sunflowers  that decorate the friezes along the facade, deserve special mention  the Tower and the Porch. There are also two marvellous stained-glass windows of differents colours, where we can see a bird  and a dragonfly that seems to be playing an  instrument.

This construction, which blends in beautifully with the landscape, stands out because of its delicate proportions and its rounded curving shape.If  you are a lover of  architecture, “The Capricho is worth  a visit.

M.Belen Pico.


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