The Queen’s hamlet

The Hameau de la Reine. Marie Antoniette amusement at Versailles.

Though I couldn’t participate in my high school scholar trip, fortunately, my parents allowed me to attend the French studies exchange the following year.

One of the four days that we were accommodated in Paris, we went to visit “Le châteaux de Versailles”. An impressive palace built in the reign of Louis XVI.

When you leave the house, an impacting vision catches you. A vast perspective, which leads the look from the water to the horizon, reflects the setting sun. Majesty of Versailles’s gardens are equal to Versailles’s castle, where the variety of plants and trees, and fountains and statues’ design immerse you in another unreal and fairy-tale world. Visitors are delighted when they come into the simple and rustic ambiance of “The Hameau de la Reine” or “The Queen’s hamlet”.

I was literally breathless. I took me several minutes to be again myself for it scared me as well. A kind of play village with Normandy-style thatched cottages, small and rustic farm with animals, tower, mill, dairy…It was said that the Queen and her attendants would dress as shepherdesses while they milked cows and harvested fruits. It gives you the illusion that you are deep in the countryside, and Robin Hood and the King Arthur could turn the corner.

If you want to cisit the place, click on



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