I was 25 years old when I was living in Sardinia and I discovered the Nuragic culture. Nuraghe has become the most important symbol of Sardinia and its distinctive culture and is probably the most photographed monument in the island.

The nuraghe is the main type of megalithic edifice dating back before 1000 BC. The typical nuraghe is situated in a panoramic spot and has the shape of a truncated conical tower. Some of them are more than 20 metres in height.

There is a similar type of structure which has a corridor or a system of corridors called “nuragic village”.

The use of the nuraghes has not been determined: they could have been religious temples, ordinary dwellings, rulers’ residences, military strongholds, meeting halls, or a combination.

Today, there are more than 8,000 nuraghes still extant in Sardinia, although it has been estimated that they once numbered more than 30,000.



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