Walking on the Moon

On July 20th 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, and Mission Commander Neil Alden Armstrong became the first human to set foot on its surface, followed shortly afterwards by Buzz Aldrin, while Michael Collins remained in orbit in the Command Module.
In this lesson you will hear the very same Aldrin describe what he felt on that day. Later you will participate in a debate between ‘hoax believers’ and ‘Apollo believers’. As you get ready for the debate you will have to research the main theories sustained by hoax believers to either try to prove or disprove them depending on the role you are playing.

This is the ELLA unit we were going to do at the ICT lab but I’m afraid you’ll have to do it on your own. Click on the picture to do the unit. I want to know whether you are a “hoax believer” or an “Apollo believer”. Do please send a comment to this post and let me know.


7 thoughts on “Walking on the Moon

  1. After having seen the videos and have read the texts about “Walking on the Moon”, and having taken into account the different points of views, I suppose both sides may be right.

    But I’m a not believer, “One small step” is the biggest hoax. I think there are several points that raised questions about the landing, especially when 60’s technological development wasn’t the same as nowadays. Technology, tools, appliances, clothes were by far more obsolete. I’ve followed this theory by television, and I’ve always had some doubts about it. Moreover, trap’s explanations are based on current technology, not on the 60’s scientific advances. I’m sure that man landed on the Moon, but several years later. It’s said that Americans and Russians kept fighting between the two countries in the space race, and Americans must have won it preparing the hoax “One small step”.

    My question has always been, if we have been able to reach far away planets, to find water on Mars, and to discover galaxies million light years, why have we never returned to the Moon? Why has the new expedition, which consisted on landing on the Moon in 2014, been annulled, arguing that we are in crisis and USA have to save money when it wastes a much greater quantity in military weaponry?

  2. After doing the “Walking on the Moon” listening comprehension and the exercises I have some doubts about if it is a hoax or not, but if I had to defend a point of view I”ll say that these men never went to the Moon. As Reina, I’ve always asked myself why have we never returned to the Moon

  3. There are different points of view as regards Apollo’s landing:People who are convinced NASA staged all the moon landing and people who think that in 1969 we didn´t have the technology to fake the moon landing.

    I’m a hoax believer, for me there is a lot of evidence which support the theory that man never went to the moon, for instance; the fact that there’s no blast crater under the lunar excursion module, the astronauts took thousands of photos with crystal and clarity, the fluttering flag etc.

    However, we’ll never know if that event has been the biggest hoax in history or if Apollo really landed on moon

  4. I tend to be “a bit of a hoax believer”, but I’ve found some of the pro-hoax videos slightly exaggerated. In my opinion, they tried to give us too many evidence, and it’s not necessary.
    In my opinion, perhaps Apollo 11 landed on the moon but I’m pretty sure that most of the photographs and pictures we can see are not real. They are too good! And why haven’t we returned to the moon?
    Americans are great at entertaining and show business and I’m afraid the real moon walk was not as fascinating as the general public expected. Some of these disappointed people would ask if it’s worth to expend all that money. So, someone “has rebuilt” the pictures. You know…the show must go on!

  5. There are, certainly, plenty of reasons for Moon Hoax believes and for Apollo 11 believers. In my case, after having been hesitating for years, I have come to the conclusion that it was a big hoax that the USA orchestrated to show the rest of the world, specially the Soviet Union, the superiority of the USA in the space race.
    One question that comes to my mind is why nobody has one back to the moon after that, taking into account how technology has improved since then.
    It’s said that when Aldrin and Amstrong landed on the moon there was a Galician who was managing a bar there. Perhaps he could tell us the truth if he comes to Spain on holidays.

  6. We can think the Moon landing conspiracy theories are right, because some sources prove that the images the television showed in 1969 were false and were recorded in order to help the spatial race in the cold war’s context. Hoax believers point out the perceived gaps and some inconsistencies of the story of the mission. They also argue what the people saw was staged by Hollywood and based on a script by Arthur C. Clarke. The technology to send men to the Moon was insufficient in the 60’s and the radiation or solar wind would have made such a trip impossible as well… However, humans sometimes prefer to believe their own lies.

  7. After having seen los videos about “Walking on the Moon”, I have realized that various Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that some or all elements of the Apollo Project and the associated Moon landings were falsifications staged by NASA and members of other involved organizations.
    Since the conclusion of the Apollo program, a number of related accounts espousing a belief that the landings were faked.
    For instance, these conspiracy theories claim that the astronauts could not have survived the trip because of exposure to radiation from the Van Allen radiation belt .
    Some hoax theories have suggested that the spacecraft moved through the belts in about for hours, and the astronauts were protected from the ionizing radiation by the alluminium hulls of the spacecraf.
    In addition, the orbital transfer trajectory from the Earth to the Moon through the belts was selected to minimize radiation exposure. The radiation is actually evidence that the astronauts went to the Moon, because some of them have developed early stage cataracts.
    Besides, these theories have also suggested that the flag placed on the surface of the Moon by the astronauts was flapping despite there being no wind on the Moon. However, Videotapes show that when the flag stops after the astronauts letting it go, it remains motionless. When the astronauts were moving the flag into position, these movements caused the free corner of the flag to swing like a pendulum for some time.
    Finally , all these questions lead me to a very clear conclusion that the man have landed on the Moon.

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