New Old Love’s Stories

William had finished his studies at university successfully and he had achieved a job just a year after. He had graduated in cinematographic studies and he had first started producing and shooting ads and cooking programs for housewife. But his great dream was to bring one day to the big screen the story of his meeting with a girl who said to be a princess from a little country in Asia.
He had known her for almost two weeks in a journey of summer, when William and his father, an important anthropologist, had a rest from the long tour through the woodland. He was a teenager and she was his first and unforgettable love. They were sending letters for years, but the mysterious princess stopped writing one day.
William was a young and attractive man who worked giving instructions to beautiful models and actress throw a microphone and he heard sometimes flirtatious comments by the headphones between ad and recipe. However, he didn’t forget his memories next to the Asian princess.
He became a famous film director ten years later. He thought then it was the opportunity to explain the story that she had told to him throughout her letters about the horrible life in the royal palace. William wanted to tell it to all over the world in order to save her from the prison where she lived and meet with her again. To start, he found the actress whose face had to be more similar to the princess’ face. Secondly, he engaged a good production’s team. All together began to shoot soon. The important film director worked hardly the performance of the princess with the actress in the studio. Their daily contact, besides friends, made them fell in love.
The film opened successfully, but William didn’t have one letter to the old address from the princess. It had probably been all figment of his imagination. William thought then he had few memories. In fat, he was only left with an actress’s face and from that moment on he decided to make new films with other people’s stories. The means of his old dream was the same dream from then. So William completely handed over to the cinema.



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