A tower to understand

The boy was playing with his fantastic Christmas present day and night without stopping: the wii. His favourite game showed  an incredible world with what he supposed was perfect life: no rules, no adults telling what to do and only children having fun on their own. As he spent too many hours playing, he didn`t know what the time was and he even lost his meal or forgot to go to bed early when he was alone.  

His eyes started to get red and he felt sleepy and soon his only thoughts were about this perfect world. One afternoon when he was playing with the wii he saw a mirrow on the screen. He had never seen this before so he got to it and, surprisingly, he saw himself in it.It`s an extraordinary effect in this game! he thought. But it wasn`t.  Suddenly, the mirrow sllowed him and he was in the middle of this perfect world.

He enjoyed a lot for some hours thinking it was the best thing he could have. As night arrived, he thought it was time to go home but he didn`t know how to do it. The gps was a good tool to use it but it was another Christmas present and it was at home. He run until he reached the magic mirrow again and tried to pass through it, but it was impossible. He tried hard but he could only pass his arm and reach with his hand the table were the wii was. Fortunately, the gps was on the table too so he took it.

He didn`t have enough time to see how it worked. He tried to use it but it always showed the point: the tower. He followed the signals of the gps until he arrived there.  He climbed to the top and there he noticed his house was in front of the tower, just soem miles away. He started to walk and when he arrived at the house and enter his room nobody noticed he hadn`t been there.

Since that day, he understood real life is much better than anything and the magic mirrow never appeared again.



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