The strange wish of a princess

Once upon a time there was a young princess who wanted to be independent. She was different from other princesses of those days, she wanted to study and get a job and she didn’t want to obey her father who wanted her to marry a rich prince instead of studying or working. She was a feminist princess so she thought she had to live by her own without depending on a man, but her father was very strict.

One day she went for a walk in the forest and suddenly she found a strange well in the middle of the path. She discovered soon it was a wishing well and she asked it for her dream of having freedom and living alone.

Nothing happened at that moment so the princess left minutes later and she went back home. But, when se was in bed at night, something strange happened: the carpet started to fly. It was a magic carpet! She thought she was lucky, she could use the carpet to fly away from home. But then she realised she couldn’t live without a job.

Some days later, she saw an interesting job advertisement on the newspaper. She could earn a lot of money in spite of not having a degree but there was a problem: she had to move to London. She had the magic carpet to travel but she couldn’t speak English well and she couldn’t tell her father she wanted to attend English classes. Then she had an idea: she could use the game machine The Three Wise Men had given her at Christmas, the Nintendo DS, to learn English with the English training game.

That was the solution. She learnt English, she travelled by carpet to London and she got the job and now she is a happy independent girl.



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