I’ll never forget that thrilling adventure which changed the boring life I used to have.

It was a rainy evening. I was working at home with my computer in order to finish a horrible essay for my boss. Suddenly, the light went out and the computer stopped working. As soon as the light returned, the computer switched on by its own. I tried to recover my essay, but the computer didn’t recognize my orders. I seemed as if it had its own life!

A website appeared on the screen. I wanted to close it, but I couldn’t. Finally, I read it. It was a wizard’s website which promised a wonderful treasure to the first ten e-mails sent to him. I thought he was a cheater, a fool, or both. But I was so upset because of my lost essay that I decided to write it. I still don’t know whether I did it to kill time or just for fun.

Next morning, a phone call woke me up. I was told that I had won one of the wizard’s treasures, but I had to take a flight to Bagdag that morning. Someone was waiting for me and all my expenses would be paid.

I knew I shouldn’t do it. I knew it could be dangerous! But I also knew my boss would fire me because I hadn’t finished my essay. So, I went to Ranon airport and a magic carpet was there waiting for me!

The rest of the story is too long to be told now. I only can assure you, from my wonderful palace near the sea, that the treasure and the wizard were real and I won’t need to write boring essays anymore.



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