Dick lived with his parents in a beautiful house next to the heat of the city. He was very obedient and of course, he was a very good student, too. He never failed his exams. His parents were proud of him.

One day his parents decided to give Dick a present. It was Dick’s birthday and his parents decided to reward him. ‘Because you’re very successful in your studies’, his father said, ‘mother and I have decided to give you this key. This key has a surprise, please read carefully the instructions manual’.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he read the paper. ‘With this key you’ll open a box that you’ll find in a corner somewhere in the house’, it read. Dick went to the box quickly and in less than one minute the box was opened. It contained an entertaining game called Magic Sword which made Dick eyes shine with pleasure.

‘You’re going to spoil the boy’, said grandfather, ‘he wouldn’t study anymore’. Fortunately grandfather was wrong; Dick never gave up his studies although he loved playing the game. After having ended the course successfully he was given a new game. A modern one called PS3.

Although Dick had such entertaining modern games he never failed his studies. He always wanted to be a celebrity. Perhaps he realized that if you want to achieve goals it’s necessary to work hard.



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