Careful with your wish

–   Mike, Mike! What are you doing, dear? Are you finishing your homework? – Screaming his mother from the bottom of the stairs.

–   Yes, yes…I’m doing maths exercises! – He replied unconsciously.

But there had been more pressing problems for our worried friend. If his mother knew that he had been expelled from the school for a week, no wonder she would have a fit of anger. He was punished, although he hadn’t done anything. What on earth had happened? What a stupid and stern teacher, he only had sneezed and….disappeared!

–   Well, wisdom is on the internet. If I make a search in Google, I’m  likely to find about 2,000 or more links about invisibility. – He was thinking to himself.

The research started.

–   No, no…how to transform stone in gold dreams and wishes…Oh, NMLN!, when you want really to find something, nothing appears.

He started to feel hopeless, it was more difficult that he expected.

–  Mm….how to create and build your own wishes computer. Ok, I’ll click here.

He followed the instructions step by step, avoiding to make the slightest error.

*  Take a little piece of foil…

* Put the third screw into the hole that you have made in the first step.

* Take a paper clip and introduce it into the …etc.

Finally, the wishes computer was in front of him, prepared to be switched on. Will it work? Mike pushed the bottom, and…a deafening noise covered the room, and the floor started to shake like an earthquake…

–  Your wishes computer is Ok. Can you give me your name, please?

–   Mike! – He answered euphoric.

–  What’s your wish Mike, please?

–  My wish is to become a…

But at that moment his mother shouted “A frog”, he went from being invisible to become a common pond frog. This would much more difficult to explain.



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