From more than fifty years, the question “Which is the first rock and roll song?” is one of the most arguable subjects.

It was commonly assumed that Bill Haley and his band, The Comets, recorded the first rock and roll in 1954. The song’s title was “Rock around the clock”. Nevertheless, that’s no true.

Certainly, “Rock around the clock” was the first rock and roll which reached the number one spot on the American charts and it was called first “rock and roll” on the radio. In addition, Bill Haley was a white man and, from my view, people at that time prefered him to go down in the History to a black man.

Nowadays, “Rocket 88” is widely claimed to be the first. This song was recorded in 1951 by the saxophonist Jackie Breston and Tina Turner’s former husband, Ike Turner.

Alternatively, others believed that the talented pianist Fat Domino was the first person who succeeded in rock and roll music. In fact, in 1949 his song “The Fat Man” sold over a million copies. In spite of the fact that this song might be considered pure Rhythm and Blues, Fat Domino said in the fifties: “what you people call now rock n’ roll, I have been playing in New Orleans for the past fifteen years”

To conclude, it is obvious that rock and roll roots stem from the first decades of the 20th century, when some people in the South of USA decided to put Country and Western together with Rhythm and Blues. As a result, the new musical genre was born in the middle of the last century to become the most influental and widespread kind of music.

For this reason, I’m afraid the question “Which is the first rock and roll song?” hasn’t got an answer.

However, I wanted to let you know three great songs. I recommend you to listen to them on You Tube.

Rock Around The Clock

Rocket 88

The Fat Man

By Conchi


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