Martin Cooper or the device that changed the world.

I’m going to talk you about a great engineer called Martin Cooper.

I saw the other posts and I read the tittle of one that is about the same “famous first”, but I’ll write about him because I think mobile phones are essentials for our daily life.

Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone in 1973, and he made the first the first wireless call. I found this call very funny because he called  the other company that was investigating on  mobiles as well.

Weeks ago, Martin Cooper won the Principe de Asturias awards here in Oviedo and he went to Gijon to give a lecture to collegue stundents like me. I found it very interesting because he talked in a perfect English that I could understand and he explained lots of things he has done, like a patch that lets you know for certain diseases.

Talking about numbers, he said that in Spain there are 52.000.000 of mobile phones , approximately more than 8 million inhabitants, so there are people who has more than one phone-

You can imagine how difficult it would be our life without mobiles, so I think Martin Cooper will be my idol for a long time.

by Ruben


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