Larra, the first Spanish journalist

Larra was an excellent street observer. He used the nickname “Fígaro” to publish his articles in some short-lived satirical newspapers made entirely by him.

Larra was a Spanish writer from nineteenth-century, who especially contributed to the knowledge of the Spanish culture, values, feelings, believes, prejudices and the national character with his significant articles. While some conservative writers limited their social and cultural comments to costumbrist prose, Larra put forward a different point of view without moral message. He thought about the human condition and saw the success of social progress in the colective efforts of all persons. Already in this period, this author associated the development of Spain with its integration in political and business life of Europe, when the journalism like it’s today did’nt exist. But he criticized the dependance of the Spaniards on foreign models (basically French model). So he provided an alternative view of spanish society and culture to change for the better, by means of the humor, the self-criticism and the positive critique of his articles.

To sum up, with these fundamental ideas, a joung Larra showed several social complaints, a view of social progress very modern and he achieved to reflect the Spanish reality of his time.

By Inma


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