I was supposed to write an article called “Famous First”. It should be an article that talks about someone who was the first one to do something. But there are lots of “Anonymous First” all over the world I would like to talk about.

If I ask you who discovered penicillin, probably your answer will be: “Fleming, I’m fairly positive” or “Cristobal Colon, I’m pretty sure” if my question was about the discovery of America.

But now, did you know these firsts?

  • In 2006 driver Terry Grant (UK) drove on two wheels through a gap 68 cm wider than the height of the car.
  • Adám Lörincz was aged 14 years when his 92-minute musical, Star of the King was performed in 2002 in Hungary. He’s the youngest composer of a musical.
  • The greatest distance walked by a person continuously balancing a milk bottle on the head is 130.3 km. by Ashrita Furman from New York in 1998. It took him 23 hours 35 minutes to complete the walk.
  • The oldest male stripper was Bernie Barker, a regular performer at Club LeBare, Miami Beach. He began his career in 2000 at the age of 60 as a way to get in shape after recovering from a cancer, and worked as a stripper until he sadly passed away in March 2007. During his career, he won over 30 contests.

All of them have been achieved by anonymous people that had pursued their dreams in these extravagant objectives.

Surely they didn’t change humanity course, but they were also fighters, plenty of hopes and with a forceful personality and they had the potential to reach what they wanted to reach.

By Susana


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