Martin Cooper, inventor of the first mobile phone

Martin Marty Cooper, eighty-one, is considered to be the father of the mobile phone and the first who made a call with it.

This inventor was an engineer of the Motorola team and he had designed car phones before thinking about a phone you could take with you. It was in 1972 when he designed the first prototype of portable phone. One year later, on the third of April, he tried his invention making a call from a street in New York. The recipient of this call is supposed to have been Joel Engel, head of research in Bell Labs, a company which was one of the competitors of Motorola. Cooper only wanted to show Joel that his revolutionary invention worked.

Some years later, Cooper revealed in an interview where the idea of developing a mobile phone came from. He said that he had been inspired by the series Star Trek, watching Captain Kirk using his communicator.

Martin Cooper has got several prizes for his technological innovations in the communication area. The most recent one was the Prince of Asturias for scientific and technical research, awarded in 2009 and shared with Ray Tomlinson, inventor of the electronic mail.

Although the cell phone designed by Cooper at first was heavier and bigger than current ones, so not very easy to carry, after several improvements we have now a very handy communication tool which could not be imagined at the beginning as such a successful device.

by Natalia


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