Elizabert Blacwell

Elizabert Blacwell is known to be the first woman Doctor in Medicine and a pioner of educating women in this area.

She was born in England in 1821 and  went to America with her family when she was 11.Years later she decided to study Medicine after  a close friend, who was dying, suggested she would have prefered to consult her health problems with a woman. But in those days women did not used to  study at the University. She applied to several medical schools and finally she was accepted by the General Medical College in New York. Because the male students there voted on her admission and they voted “yes” as a joke.

She worked in London and Paris. It was there when she went blind of one eye and this was the reason why she could not become as a surgeon. Later on, in New york,  she oponed an institution with other women where  they provided training and experience for women doctors and medical care for poor people. She also wrote several books about Medicine.

By Antonia


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