Watermelon by Marian Keyes

watermelon1Watermelon tells the story of Claire Walsh a young Irish woman who finds herself having to return to her family house in Dublin after her husband leaves her whilst she is giving birth to their first baby. Besides the initial shock, Claire is able to build up again her life supported by her eccentric family. Ana is a lovely hippy who believes in spirits trying to contact her, Helen is a beautiful, heart-breaker who annoys Claire continually but actually loves her and introduces Claire to her handsome college Adam and finally her passive father and erratic but adorable mother.

This book, like all of this author, based on the Walsh family is written in a direct style completely accessible to any reader. Amusing and dynamic dialogues between the main characters are an essential part of the book and makes it very easy to read. The language is plain and full of modern-type expressions.

Watermelon tells the story of a normal girl with problems and this is probably the attraction of Keyes books because so many readers can identify with the characters. These are well-drawn and designed with a remarkable sense of humour mixed with touching moments which makes the story quite engaging

This is probably not the best book that I have read buy I would recommend it if one just want to have a good time a rainy afternoon after a stressed day!!!
Nuria Fernández


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