aroundtheworld1Introducing Phileas Fogg is the way Verne chose to begin one of his most famous novels. This eccentric Englishman and his new servant, Passepartout, find themselves travelling around the world because of a bet. Exotic landscapes and diverse risky situations pass by while Detective Fix follows them in the thought that Fogg committed a robbery. The excitement of a journey against time is the background of the whole story.
The narration takes place in the 19th century, in which England owned colonies all around the globe. This fact is essential to make it go ahead in the way that the reasons Fix has to follow Mr Fogg get conditioned depending on the land they are crossing. Furthermore, Mr Fogg himself personifies the perfectly mathematic and orderly gentleman, and that is why the story works.
Verne’s writing style is very descriptive; hilarious at times and thrilling at others. The adventure is lineal, so it is very easy for the reader to follow. Despite being French, the author decided to put an Englishman acting as the main character, though maybe Passepartout was created to refresh the novel with some lively French spirit.
In my opinion, Verne’s writing can be repetitive sometimes. But over all, the essence of adventure and risk embracing the story is the fact that makes it so attractive. Perhaps mixing up so many interesting ingredients is the secret of the writer’s success.

Marta Pardo


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