Just in case you miss me!

Remember that I told you We won´t hve our lesson on April 1st and 2nd because I’m going to a National School Of Languages Conference, but you have to do some revision on your own.

Our last lesson was a bit tough because we had to do some grammar work. You know, these structures that make a difference between elmentary, intermediate and advanced students…

You can check what we did now and, do please do some practice. Here are just a few examples of exercises. We’ll be doing some work on conditionals when we come back to our lessons, but then you will have to show thet they are no longer a problem for you and you have them under control.

Here’s just a selecion of exercises for you to do:

conditionals: 3 exercises

a wide selection of exercises

mixed conditionals exercise

And just by googling conditionals, you will find many more…


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