It’s Already Spring!

It’s already springtime! Like Fridays, enjoyed for being the weekend’s lobby, spring is partly loved because it precedes summer. It’s a sort of prelude to the most pleasant and agreeable time of the year, when temperatures increase, days get longer and people, being in their best mood, begin to go out more often.
I come from a southern hemisphere country, where spring – austral spring – begins in September. Anyway, before coming to Spain I had never enjoyed the four seasons, since I lived all my life in the northeast of Brazil, where we just have wet and dry seasons, like weather is commonly described in the tropics.
Actually, in my native land we boast about having 360 days of sunshine, an everlasting summer. For those who enjoy the beach and being at the seaside, this is usually an interesting feature. As for me, it tires me out.
What I really like is to feel the different seasons and their special characteristics. This is one of the most beautiful things I find in living in Spain and since summertime is something I am fed up with – for the exhaustion caused by extreme heat in my home country –, spring is the season I most enjoy.
It’s a time of birth, growth, youth and life. Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection at this time of birth and renewal and even since pre-Christian times, people commemorated Easter – named for Eôstre, the German goddess of dawn and who symbolized the plentiful fertility commonly found during spring – at this time of the year.
Springtime brings multicoloured and fragrant flowers blossom. The animals mate and breed and the soil has a special smell that invite us to go for long walks and to be in touch with nature. Poets even say that spring is the time when people usually falls in love. True or false, this is something beautiful to believe in…
Spring is a symbol for the start of better times as testifies the terms “Prague Spring” and “Pekin Spring”, both referred to short periods of political liberalization in communist regimes.
It has also been subject for many marvellous artistic works. Italian painter Sandro Botticelli called one of his paintings “Allegory of Spring” and his fellow countryman Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted an original “Spring” in which he represented a human face made of flowers. Who doesn’t know Vivaldi’s “The Four Season – Spring” and Beethoven’s “Spring Sonata”?
Regarding poetry, I must quote my favourite Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, who wrote: “la primavera ha venido, nadie sabe cómo ha sido”. “Spring has come, nobody knows how it’s happened.” Is there something so simple and beautiful at the same time?
Even in gastronomy we can find allusion to this season in the Spring Rolls, those delicious crispy vegetables prepared by Asian cuisine…
What about Elvis Presley’s “Spring Fever”? “Spring fever, spring is here at last, / Spring fever, my heart’s beating fast, / Get up, get out spring is everywhere!”

Spring has sprung! Enjoy it!
By Helga Maria Saboia Bezerra


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