The first year at the University

I´m finishing my degree and although the job market is not at its best  I fell happy with the idea of new challenges; to find a job, to earn money… But when I go to the EOI and I look at Jaime, Fernando… I realise that maybe they can be a little worried about what University really is.


In fact, at the beginning University can be a little shocking but in a month or even before, you will see that it is easy to take the timing of the rhythm. As far as I know, all of you are very good students in high school but you must know that it doesn’t matter when you arrive at University. Maybe all of you are brilliant students at the University, too but, in general, from now on, your target will be to see a 5 in a list with your name before it. As an example I say that my first year was really, really good and I failed two subjects! Can you think what would be a bad year?


Nowadays, at least in my degree, teachers explain the subjects with power point files. It´s very easy to follow them but an important thing is to take notes in every slide. Teachers love to ask things that they have said in class and whose answer is not in the slide literally.


To get nervous before an exam is impossible to avoid, you should learn to live with the “pain”. In high school, more o less, you know that in an exam the teacher will ask you things that you have done in previous exercises… At University, it´s not easy to know anything about the teacher´s thoughts but don´t worry, remember that only need a 5! So… a point of this exercise, a half point of the other…and pray.


Finally, The most important thing. You can do it! It seems to be a political slogan but that`s the truth, don´t hesitate of yourself. If you fail an exam, you should go to the revision tuition (I passed 4 exams this waybecause the teacher was wrong!) and if the teacher was right, you´ll have another opportunity in the retake… Yeah! It would be a blow to have to study again the same but, try to get the failed exam and learn from the mistakes.


Exams are the worst part in University but you will live another things that they will become it an incredible experience!


David Bulnes




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