Live your life!

Last month I saw a programme in which people were asked about their private lives, “El  juego de tu vida”. Commom citizens selling their privacy. The questions were related to drugs, sex, family and realtionships in general and the answers were checked with a poligraph. The winner will receive a prize of 100.000 euros. The first thing that comes to my mind is:  When is it going to stop?
In ten years, hundreds of programmes like this had appeared: Big brother, “El diario de patricia”, “Mujeres, hombres y viceversa”. Ordinary people telling publicly their intimacies just for fame or money. Another  consequence of the globalization, which is hurting our society.
Television, which was supposed to be an open window to the world, is still an open window but to the live of others.
It seems to be unimportant at glance: if we don’t like it we can change channel easily but what is going to happen with children? It’s obvious that television has a bad effect on children. Of course it’s their parents’s fault. Give them a good example, turn it off, read a book, and worry about your own problems.We are the audience, everything is in our hands, don’t let it go on or it would be too late.

Jénnifer Bartolomé Castro


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