How to fry an egg successfully

How to fry an egg successfully

First of all, you need:

➢ An extinguisher (I can’t guarantee that you’ll get it and playing with fire or electricity is quite dangerous)

➢ A long skimmer

➢ Your snow clothes (you need to be protected, don’t forget either the gloves or the glasses)

➢ A sauce pan

➢ Oil

➢ An egg

After getting everything, put on your snow clothes and switch on the cooker.

The next step is to put the oil in the saucepan, then wait for two or three minutes, when you see little bubles in the oil, it will be hot enough to fry so break the egg and throw it (not the shell!) into the saucepan.

We’ve almost finished but this is the hardest step: WITH EXTREME CAUTION try to put the egg in a dish using the skimmer and remember: the farest, the better…

If you’ve followed all my steps I’m sure that you’ll get it, if you don’t try it again. And don’t forget that it’s a difficult task, you should ask someone to supervise you.

Jénnifer Bartolomé Castro


One thought on “How to fry an egg successfully

  1. Very funny! I couldn’t have imagined that someone could teach how to fry an egg in such a hilarious way. Frying eggsis usually seen as such an easy thing to do, that’s considered a despicable task. People even say “go fry an egg!” to tell someone – in a rude manner – to go away and leave them alone.
    I had a really good time reading this “How to fry an egg successfully”.

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