Practicum in 250 words

You’ve been waiting for this moment since you began studying to become a teacher. Now the time has come and you feel completely lost. Are these words describing your situation? Then, here you can find some support to do your best during your first Practicum.

Though the Teaching degree’s changing next year, this article’s aim is the old plan, in which the degree takes three years. During the second year you have ti face your first Practicum subject. You’ll be preparing it for four months, then you’ll have another one in a primary school and the rest of the year you work on the Memory. But our object now is the month spent in the school.

Most of the Teaching students don’t really know what they’re expected to do in this month’s time. They just arrive at the school, take a look around and make some notes on their diaries. A good exercise is more than writing down what you see: that’s describing, anyone can do that. What you’ve got to do is searching for all the information underneath, find the roots of everything. Some official documents, like the school programme and so on, can be very helpful to understand the behaviour and teaching methods in the school you’re taking your exercise. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to speak with some school staff – teachers, your own tutor, the head teacher…- in order to solve your doubts. Finally, try to relate with your students, they can give you priceless information – sometimes they own better details than adults, which can be the key to make your Memory be complete and nice.

To sum up, the very best you can do is to be a good listener. Paying attention is my piece of advice. Think on how the school works as an organisation as well as an education centre, that’s the main thing you have to work on. Don’t concentrate on the children, you’ll have time for them next year!

By Marta


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