Party = Big Bottle?

Eating and drinking in the streets is not new for Spanish people. Some of our most popular festivities concentrate on refreshing outdoors. But does that fact justify drinking alcohol frequently in public?

We can see young people drinking every weekend. They’re easy to find in parks and places which are left plenty of filth. If you ask them about the reason why they do “big bottles”, they may answer it’s a cheap way to have a drink or even they have a quite nice time with their friends while drinking. They don’t seem to be worried about their own health.

This routine is adopted by so young people- specially students aged 14 to 25 years old- that society is getting really worried and the Government, too. Experts say this will cause an increase of alcoholic individuals. “Big-bottle-users” drink a media of 3 beers or 2 drinks each time. If we consider the age of the youngest members of this “culture” we find out that 14-year-old kids get drunk at least four times per month. Isn’t that worrying? Teenagers under 18 take such a risk just “to have a nice time” and society does nothing to change this fact.

We should consider what kind of education these people are being given. It’s not only the formal education’s fault, but parents’. In some cases, families are guiltier than teachers. Nowadays, parents feel incapable of educating their children and delegate their responsibilities to the schools. They don’t feel strong enough to take their emotionally frustrated children under control. An explanation of why they are so frustrated may be the fact that both parents have jobs and can’t stay some time at home with their kids. So teenagers get depressed because they can’t find a way to express themselves, how they feel.

So what should be the solution to all this? Again, education becomes the centre of the whole thing. Parents and children need to communicate a lot in order to make happy and self-confident adults less able to fall in frustration.

By Marta Pardo


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