Are you doing anything at Easter?

England is a great country. These days flying is incredibly cheap, the pound has already gone down…  A long, long list of reasons to decide to travel to London; for instance, this Easter. It seems easy, doesn’t it? Well, actually it is not the biggest odyssey you can do, but as I could verify this summer, you’d better plan your journey carefully- maybe, if it is a two-day visit, for example, you are likely to come back disappointed.

It is true that prices are big problem, but in fact it is timetables which are the real problem when you are trying to enjoy the city- most of the main places in London close by six o`clock. Yeah, it makes the journey so problematic. However, this is not applicable for all the monuments in the English capital, so try to make your own schedule according to your preferences, as you leave those places that close later for the last hours in your day.

Next step? Well, as you can imagine parks and the Thames do not close, so these last options would be a good way to spend time until dinner knocks on your stomach. The way to create a plan is simple: buy a guide (though you ought to compare timetables in your guide book with the ones on the Net).

Another advice to save time (and a lot of money, also important) is buying a travelling card (Oyster) for the tube, so you do not have to wait long and repetitive queues for a single and expensive ticket. And remember: go straight from monument to monument- if you find out something as Hyde Park, well, do not think you will see it just in half an hour. It can take a whole day!

by Jaime


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