Bread invention is considered one of the most important achievements in History because this simple food has enabled to survive, since its creation, even the poorest people worldwide.

In spite of being the most simple food and although nobody could imagine a table without it at dinner time, most of the people can’t do it. I thought about it some time ago and I finally decided to do it and discovered how easy it was.

First of all you have to dissolve a nut of leaven in a glass of water and to add a bit of salt too. When leaven and salt be perfectly mixed into the water you can pass to the following step what is kneading the flour. This is the most difficult task and you must do it firmly and without stopping during at least 15 minutes until the pastry be neither wet nor too dry. It will be really prepared when it don’t get close to your fingers.

After having made some cuts with a knave on the top of the pastry, you must wait around half an hour and cover it with a napkin. During this time you must heat the oven until it reach the temperature of 180 degrees and just then you have to put the pastry into the oven ant let it there during 20 minutes. After having passed this time you must switch off the oven letting inside the bread around a quarter of an hour yet and the bread will be ready to be eaten…

by Ojeda


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