believe it or not here is my writing exercise xD

Here is my writing exercise so that Maribel can say  I’m “apto” xD


This year’s NBA All-Star weekend was celebrated in Phoenix, Arizona on the 13th,14th and 15th of february.

The NBA All-Star match took place on Sunday 15th, and it was a match between the best players of the Eastern conference versus the best players of the Western conference.

The players in the Eastern conference were: Lebron James,Dwight Howard,Kevin Garnett,Allen Iverson,Joe Johnson,Devin Harris,Paul Pierce,Ray Allen,Rashard Lewis,Danny Granger and Mo Williams.In the Western conference team there were players like: Amare Stoudamire,Tim Duncan,Yao Ming,Kobe Bryant,Chris Paul,Pau Gasol,Shaquille O’neal,Dirk Nowitzki,Brandon Roy,Chauncey Billups,Tony Parker and David West.

After an amazing and exciting match, the Western conference beat the Eastern conference, and the final score was 146-119.The match’s MVP award (Most Valuable Player) was awarded to L.A. Lakers player Kobe Bryant (27 points,4 assists,4 steals and 4 rebounds) and  Phoenix Suns’ Shaquille O’neal (17 points,1 block,3 assists and 5 rebounds).

The Rookie vs Sophomore match was won by the Sophomores for the 7th year in a row.The final score was 122-116.The Three-Point Shootout was won by Daequan Cook (18 and 15 points),who beat Rashard Lewis (17 an 15 pts) and Jason Kapono (16 and 14 pts). There was a tiebreak between Cook (19 pts) and Lewis (7 pts).

The Slam Dunk Contest was won by Nate Robinson, who beat Dwight Howard in the final round by dunking over him (Robinson is 1.75m and Howard is 2.11m).Robinson got 52% of the fans’ votes,while Howard got 48% of the votes.



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