“Spaniards, Franco… has been abduced.” What would you think if you heard these words? Probably you’d point at me with your index finger, looking at me with pitiful eyes. Well, I’m sorry to tell you but I’m not insane: The Truth is Out there…

Last Friday, minutes after Kepler Spacecraft was launched, an unidentified spacecraft blew it up with two rockets, just before landing on NASA complex, followed by five other smaller spacecrafts. Immediately after, the crewmen stepped down from the crafts carrying huge weapons and took control of the entire NASA complex in barely five minutes, causing several damages to the computers and buildings, but no casualties.

They introduced themselves as visitants from ‘an unpronounceable planet’ and, after revealing some unimportant mysteries concerning us (mankind), like the construction of Pyramids and other untrascendental things, they admitted that their goal was conquering the Earth. They contacted the President of the USA, believing him to be the governor of the world, and offered him to surrender, but he refused right away. Seconds after, he suddenly vanished.

            For the moment, every single town and city from Texas to Chile has been conquered, but aliens haven’t even tried to go to the north, what make us believe that they cannot stand colder weathers. For this reason, NATO forces are believed to start their attack from Chicago as soon as they’re ready.

            Is this our end? All I can say is: ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it’

by Fernando Neira


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