Before you start, make sure you have a water spray and a hanger. There’s something important which you must take into consideration: choose a well-lighted place where to put the ironing board. Moreover, while ironing it is extremely important that you never leave the iron on the shirt, or you’ll burn it and perhaps make a hole on it.
First of all, put the temperature regulator into the right position, according to the shirt’s fabric. Spray the shirt slightly, avoiding an excess of water into the shirt, which has to become damp, not wet.
What you need to do first is to iron both sides of the collar and the cuffs. Then, you iron the sleeves, being careful not to make wrinkles. Pull the sleeve by the cuff in order to stretch it and run the iron over it, for both sides. Do the same with the other one.
Now iron the body of the shirt. Beginning from its front, put the left side of the shirt on the ironing board. While you iron it, make sure the rest of the shirt is hanging straight to the other side of the ironing board, so you prevent wrinkles. Do the same with the right side of your shirt and finally iron the back.
When you finish, put the shirt on a hanger, buttoning the first button in order to avoid the distortion of the collar.
Ready! Now you have a perfectly ironed shirt, waiting to be worn.

By Helga Maria Saboia Bezerra


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