On schools and creativity

I don’t think schools kill creativity, nor they can provide children with it. School’s mission is not to develop creativeness in children. Schools are both a source of information and an institution in which children are brought up on social values. Nowadays we see how computers and Internet can almost replace them in the first task, at least to self-taught people. Portuguese writer José Saramago couldn’t finish his studies because his parents, being very poor, couldn’t pay for it. Being an autodidact he read all the books of his neighbourhood public library and was able to show his creativeness in his marvellous work rewarded in 1998 with the Nobel Prize.
Since creativity is the faculty to produce or use original and unusual ideas, the capacity of creating something new, no institution, no school, is able to kill it or make it flourish. I think creativity depends much more on inner forces than on external ones and that it is an indomitable strength that no school can prune. A creative person will, sooner or later, show his or her creativeness. Sometimes his or her contemporary people aren’t able to value them. Van Gogh was recognized after death, like many artists.
There are schools and schools, and there are teachers and teachers as well. What I mean is that although a child can have the luck of having a teacher who can play an important role in his education, schools, in general, don’t have the power to prevent the creativity of a child neither to give him or her a creative personality.
By Helga Maria Saboia Bezerra


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