Servants make the worst masters

Travelling abroad is the best way to open your mind and to improve your communication skills, too. Spanish people seem to have learned that pretty well.

During my last holiday in Vienna a local tourist guide told me that in the last few years Spanish tourists were by far the most numerous in visiting her town and while I was listening to her I remembered the first time I went abroad. It was many years ago.

I was eighteen and I went to Zürich with three of my friends. We had decided to spend the summer in Switzerland because a friend of us had been working there the year before and had told us we could easily find a job, but unfortunately, things didn’t happen as we had thought. My friends had gone to Zürich three days before me and when I arrived at the town they were waiting for me at the bus station. What they first did was ask me if I had any food. They were joking, of course, but the real thing was they had been looking for a job unsuccessfully.

In the next few days we ran out of money so we had to spend the nights in gardens, bus stations and so on. After a week, we were starving and we had lost any hope of finding a job, but all of a sudden, we found it in a washing machine enterprise. At first they offered us a job just for two of us, but while we were deciding who of us was going to get the job, the woman in charge, looking at us in a motherly way, told us that all of us could work there.

Our country has really changed in the last twenty years. Nowadays we go abroad like tourists while thousands and thousands of foreign people try to find a job here, but we mustn’t forget the times when the only hope for a lot of Spanish people was get a job in any European or American countries.

Jose Manuel Ojeda


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