A little thriller

The Praying Mantis in Red

Some things aren´t as they seem. When you look at a blond, beautiful girl, you can never imagine that she could be such a dangerous woman.

I never thought I could end up here in a hospital when I first met Catherine.

Anyway, I was lucky, I could be dead by now.

When she came to me asking for a cigarette in that bar, I got shocked by her charm, elegance and her incredible red dress. We had already stared at each other and she didn´t seem to be a dodgy person. After an intense and sexy conversation, she invited me to go to her house.

‘A good red wine is a good start’ I thought while she was serving the drink. I realised that she put into her glass something that she told me was an aspirin, I didn´t attach to it. ‘I need to go to the toilet’ I said and… I don´t know what happened next but I woke up here in this hospital. The doctor told me I had been poisoned and that I almost died. I was reported by the police that that woman was a fugitive and her ‘modus operandi’ was to murder by poisoning. I told to the police officer my experiece with her and I detailed the moment she put the drug into the glass… She probably changed the glasses when I was in the toilet…

The moral: I´ll never betray my wife again! 😉




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