My name is Bond, James Bond

Who can say that he’s never uttered these words? Whether you like James Bond or not, he’s there and he’ll always be. He’s part of the history of cinema, of action films, of love films, of spy films… He’s part of us.

As a fictional character he was created by Ian Fleming in 1953 and 55 years later he still looks young, fit and, why not, very handsome. The first film was recorded in 1962 starred by Sean Connery and he’s been Bond in 6 films.

It’s been 22 films and 7 actors up to now and whenever a new film is released, people still have heated discussions about which is the best film or who is the best actor featuring Bond. Not to mention the Bond Girls!

One thing I know for certain. Quantum of Solace has just been released and I’m already waiting for the next Bond film.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the wonderful song again!

For more information about Quantum of Solace, go to 007 official web page. There are news, videos, games, downloads… Entertainment is guaranteed!

Here you can do the listening exercises again:


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