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Did you have a good time? Hope so. But life is not always funny and it’s time for you to do some hard work. What about writing your opinion here for us to know? If you want to watch the adds again, or even try with some more, this is the link. Have a good time! And… don’t forget to post your opinion.


7 thoughts on “Funny adds

  1. I had a good time watching the TBS’ very funny advertisements. To tell the truth, some of them made me laugh my head off.
    The blond girl who orders a meal as if she was in a fast food chain restaurant and, after being informed where she was – a library –, stands firm, is amusing, despite of the fact that it makes reference to the stupid blonde jokes.
    The man who prepares himself to a date using a brand of engine oil is comic!
    The secret lover, with not a stitch on, who risks his neck getting out of the wardrobe in the presence of the betrayed husband when his mobile calls, just not to lose the bonus for every phone call he receives, is hilarious.
    All of them are very droll and have something in common. They employ social stereotypes to make people laugh: the stupid blonde women, the virile man, the betrayed husband.
    Yet the best one, from my point of view, is Fila’s ad, in which a proud father films his baby. Chris, the little boy, encouraged by his parents, little by little gives his first steps. All of a sudden the child turns out to run. It’s not only funny, but also original, because unexpected! That race comes out of the blue and it’s impossible not to burst out laughing. By the way, it’s a Brazilian advertisement.

  2. As i see it, a creative or funny spot is by far the best way for selling a product. Watching several ads at www. I think that Spanish ones are quite worse than any others, but anyway there are quite good ones, as most of O.N.C.E.´s ones.
    Visiting the net I have found this advert which I think is very funy, I hope you like it

  3. I think that all the adds I’ve seen in this link are great! Some of them have made me feel amazed, for instance the one with the beautiful landscape, the penguins….and of course a lot of them have made me laugh. But if I had to say something bad about one of them I would criticise the one with the blonde woman, I can’t stand stereotypes, in my opinion people don’t need labels and all of us are different. Moreover I believe that it isn’t a good add because if I were a blonde girl I wouldn’t bought this car so I think that they are more stupid than the girl cause they are losing clients…

  4. Honesty right now it is imposible to me remember all the advertisements we saw in class, so instead giving my opinion about those, I will write about some adds I could see in the web site. Yes, I was watching them and one that made me laugh was the one called “Cheer Beer- Parking Lot”. Comparing it with the others it is true it isn’t the funniest, althouth of course it is amusing. However the fact that catched my eye was the way in what it is shown how we can lose out temper when looking for a place to park- surely anyone has experienced this anywhere! In cases like these it is possible to see people whose irritation lets you with a lump in your throath.

  5. Tv adds have revealed as the most effective way to sell anything and although everybody admits to use the remote control in other to avoid publicity, the real thing is that all of us know a great deal of advertisements and we usually speak to our family and friends about them. That’s exactly what publicity agents want us to do.
    There are many types of TV ads. Some of them try to catch the public’s attention with all kind of funny situations or with a hint of sexuality like most of the TV ads that we can see in that blog. However, certain brands choose the most controversial themes like poverty, starvation or anorexic people and treat them in the most ambigous way. They seem to be interested in these subjets, but the only thing they search is that people speak about the ad in itself, and all the more people speak about it the better.
    On the other hand they don’t mind if people speak about the advertisement in a positive or a negative way. The real thing and what really proves that publicity has been effective is that the audience speak about it.

  6. For me the funiest advert is the one about the telephone call. It starts when a betrayed husband arrives home and finds his wife in bed. But suddenly, a mobile phone starts ringing and he realises it isn’t his and a naked man goes out of the wardrobe, takes the moblie phone and comes back to the wardrobe to talk in privacy. The husband looks really surprised and his wife seems to have discovered how stupid her boyfriend is.

  7. Among all the advertisements, the one taht I liked most was the Honda one. The reasons why I liked it so much is because I found it extremely original and not based based on humorous dialogues like the others.

    To sum up, the ad consists on an empty space where different parts and pieces of the car such as wheels, driving mirrors, windscreen wipers, screws… move and make other pieces move by pushing them until the car itself moves.

    I found the idea highly interesting and the technical execution really remarkable because the difficulty of special effects

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