The reason why English is sometimes difficult or how to improve your pronunciation

I definitely think that we are going to get it! Speaking English fluently and correctly will no longer be a problem for us.

I’ve just come across a very interesting post in a weblog for students of English. I highly recommend you read it. You’ll undesrtand why Spanish students of English say that native speakers of English “don´t pronounce all the words” and that it seems that “they swallow syllables and words” when talking. The reason is that English is a stressed-timed language, which basically means that not everything is pronounced with the same stress. If you read the article you’ll get a “more professional” explanation. But, do not forget the examples: listen to the sentences in the section How to Improve your Pronunciation and how they are read in two different ways. Everything will come clear to you!

Click here and have a good time improving your pronunciation.


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