Public Speaking Skills

Speaking in English is, for most of us, one of the most demanding things. As advanced students of English you are expected to talk fluently and in such a way that not much effort is required from the listener to understand you.

You are expected to give clear, systematically developed descriptions and presentations, with appropriate highlighting of significant points, and relevant supporting detail. You are also expected to give clear, detailed descriptions and presentations on a wide range of subjects related to your field of interest, expanding and supporting ideas with subsidiary points and relevant examples.

When you are taking part in a conversation you are expected to communicate with some confidence on familiar routine and non-routine matters, to exchange, check and confirm information, deal with less routine situations and explain why something is a problem.

I understand that reading this can be distressing, but if we don’t set ourselves high standards we´ll never improve and, we want to improve, don’t we?

You can  download and print a PDF document which gives you ideas on how to prepare a short speech and a checklist of things to be taken into account.



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