To blog or not to blog

“Oh, no! The teacher likes blogging! I hate computers! How am I going to manage?”

Don’t worry! If you don’t even know what a blog is, let’s start from scratch. Watch this video. I’m sure that even if you are not an ICT expert you’ll see how easy it is to take part in it.

Hope you enjoy it!

I happened to know about this video thanks to Maria Valdés. Thank you Maria, you are always teaching useful things.


12 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog

  1. This video is really interesting, there were two or three facts that we didn’t know about blogs. They are a good way to express your opinion and tell everyone what you think. It has inspired us to create a blog.
    But, we have to tell you some things about blogs. Did you know that some terrorist organizations use blogs (along with forums and websites) to recruit new members??? The big problem is that it’s (legally) hard to close them, so the governments cannot control them. This might cause some trouble to the honest bloggers who only want blogs to express their opinions. And there’s no way that we can help.

    so see ya later ppl!!! xDD

    JC and Fer (el heavy)

  2. I think blogs are a great way to express your ideas, opinions or simply your interests. Blogs are easy to use which means that every day lots of people take part in a big “family” called bloggers. I think that being a blogger is good for everyone because it´s a way to be in contact with other people and share information that sometimes is very necessary. Some years ago blogs were only used to post global news but nowadays they are used in lots of different ways, for example, there are blogs where people post information about their personal interests which are shared with other people who share the same ones. Definitely, blogs are one of the most useful tools of the Internet.

  3. The two of us think that this video could help people who don’t know what a blog is or how can you create one.
    Although it can be very useful you have to have a good command of English because if not you won’t be able to understand anything but is true that the images helps a lot to understand it!!
    David; I personally think that having a blog can be really useful. In a blog you can share information, state your opinion on controversial topics and contact people from other countries who also want to share their opinions and views, and they do it for free.
    Alicia; I think that blogs are really useful and funny. Some of my friends have blogs and I usually read what they have written. I don’t run a blog of my own, I prefer reading other people’s blog and commenting on their posts.

  4. Hello everybody!
    I’m writing here because the English teacher asked us to do it, so right now I’m in the middle of an English lesson without knowing what to say because everything I can think of seems to be stupid
    Well, I think a blog is more or less like a newspaper that has only the news you care about, and lacks the most boring ones, for me those related with economy.
    It’s much more personal and the posts are written in a less formal way, so for people my age they are probably more interesting.
    I think this idea of creating a blog for the students can be useful. Most of all, , because we, teenagers, spend lots of time with our computers at home so we probably will find it a bit more funny that just sitting in front of a book and studying. Anyway, in my opinion it is an easier way of using the resources the internet provides, but we aren’t able to find by ourselves.
    I think I’m going to visit it regularly, but I don’t promise anything.

  5. I have to say about this video that it’s very clear and it has pictures which makes it easier for people to understand it… I agree with everything María Valdés wants to say in this video. I think blogs are a good way to communicate and to look for news or some information. To my mind, it’s easy to use a computer for everyone who tries, and once you’ve tried it’s easy to forget about newspapers and the radio. I like blogging because I use it to watch amazing videos that my friends show me or to comment their blogs and say them things quite important. In my opinion it’s funny and very useful, too.

  6. In our opinion blogs have advantages and disadvantages.
    On the one hand, they are good for learning English because the teacher can upload interesting things such as good songs, useful web sites, English videos or listening exercises. And It is a good way of communication with students especially nowadays, when the internet is so important and almost everybody knows how to use it. Moreover, for us computers are more attractive than books; actually teenagers spend most of their free time surfing the internet.
    On the other hand, we think that computers will never substitute the role of the teacher, because he or she can answer our questions face to face.

  7. Blogs are among the new options we can use to communicate. As the video shows it is within reach of anyone, which means that blogs are global. One of the advantages of this new means of communication is speed. , News, texts or opinions can be modified or changed at any moment, which makes a difference with the traditional media.
    However, it shouldn’t be considered in the same level of the media because of its lack of objectivity.
    One of the features blogs have, is that they provide the reader with the opportunity to post comments and search for different opinions about current issues. Another feature of blogs is freedom,

  8. What can I say about blogs? Well, first of all ,I see that this video shows very well what the blogging world is like- especially for those who are not into this kind of webs. Actually it is a very interesting mass media because people can say what they want in the way they like most using photos and videos in a way that they are also showing those whos are reading their blog a part of their personality. This way, a huge variety of themes are treated, from politics, sports… to English lessons- as we are doing! Yeah, even terrorism. What does this mean? It seems that blogs can be a very popular tool, overflowing of subjectivity and something that express very well how the Net can be.

  9. Nowadays blogs are one of the most important tools used on the internet, people from all over the world can add information, opinions, ideas, comments… in these blogs, and they also allow you to exchange your own ideas with other bloggers. I find it very interesting the way you can use a blog to learn a language because you can obtain information through videos or readings faster than using other sources. Although blogs seem to be an amazing way of learning a language, most people use blogs to communicate with friends or and relatives and submit comments. I think blogs are very useful and interactive because they let you handle different ways of information and you don´t need to have your own blog to participate in others.

  10. This video shows the main idea about what a blog is and how it works. But I disagree in several points with it. For example it says that news in the 19th century used to be objective and as I see it, news are NEVER objective because there is group of people who find the information, select the important parts of it and tell it to the others. But the problem is that this group of people have their own opinion and they can tell us whatever they want us to know.
    A good point about blogs is that they are personal and everyone can say what he thinks about a topic and you can compare the information about the same topic a and create your own opinion; blogs also allow you to share information with almost everyone with a computer making the information global.
    And last but not least, they are also a great way to express yourself and people with the same interests.

  11. From my point of view, blogs are a fantastic way of expresing your own opinion and a golden opportunity to talk with other people or discuss about interesting, relevant topics or simply whatever you have on yourin mind.
    The aim of this blog is to help students through with the resources the Internet provides to students of English, what which is a very good idea. and I think more teachers should use this resource tool for their lessons. Personally I find this blog very well-structured and very useful because we can find many ways of practisingpracticing those skills that are more difficult for us, and we can also find some sites or videos that let us have a good time while we are improving our English.
    To sum up this blog is an amazing option for practicing English, and the whole of us should use it and contribute apporting with our ideas, proposals and, why not? also with our complains.

  12. A blog is a personal page with multiple choices. It is similar to a magazine, but via Internet.
    You can see a lot of articles in the main page and, immediately, just by clicking on the article you want to write about, you go to a new page where you can read again the article and post your comment. Then, you to write your personal identity you have to write your name and e-mail address, to copy the anti-spam word required and to write your personal point of view about the article. To finish, you only need to send it.
    I don´t think that books are in danger with this new technological tool because they have learned to survive with their opponents. Cinema, TV, CD roomCD-roms, are options to spend our free time. They can make information more attractive although I feel good when reading a book.

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