Welcome and welcome back

A new academic year has just started with new expectations both for teachers and students. Those who attended our lessons last year are already familiar with this blogging experience and you are invited to join us even if you are not coming to school as a student any longer.

For those who are now attending our lessons I want to say that this is an extension of our “normal” classroom. Here you can find links that both me and the students I taught last year think can be useful. We will be adding things to do some extra practice or just to have fun with English, we will state our views and opinions on different topics. In other words, we will get to know one another, and we will be in contact even if you cannot attend lessons regularly.

Using this new tool you can check for important information such as homework and exams whenever you want. As time goes by, our blog will grow up not only with my posts, but also with yours. In fact, what I’m most interested in is your collaboration. I am not an experienced blogger, but what I’m sure of is a blog is something alive that grows up day by day. And that ’s exactly what I want: share this new space with you and let it grow with your contributions.

Although I will not get rid of New Bloggers it will gradually disappear since I will not add posts to it any longer. If you want to have a look at it, there is a link in the BLOGROLL section.


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